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Yoshino art gallery organizes exhibitions for Japanese and Western paintings of post-Meiji era and contemporary artists. Each art carries a great spirit, full of individuality and creativity of the artist. For this reason, these arts form an important culture and possess the beauty to move audience's hearts. The style of expression of these arts is changing with times and I am very curious and looking forward to future works. Commitment to the current masterpieces remains as usual, however, I am planning to organize exhibition with arts that represent the present and the generations to come. I will strive to respond to your demands and inquiries. I look forward to your continued patronage.

Representative Director

Yumiko Mori

Corporate information

Company Name Yoshino Gallery Ltd.
Address 3-10 Yoshino, Gifu City, Gifu (Parking available)→ See in a larger map
TEL 058-265-1023
FAX 058-265-4578
License Gifu Prefecture Public Safety Commission No.531017300063
Membership ・Tokyo Art Club Tokyo Art Dealers' Association
・Kyoto Art Club Kyoto Art Dealers' Association
・Nagoya Art Club Nagoya Art Dealers' Association
・National Federation of Art Dealers
・Goto Federation of Art Dealers
Nearest station Two minutes walk from Meitetsu Gifu station / Five minutes walk from JR Gifu station
Business ・Purchase and sale of arts
・Organization of exhibitions
・Consultation for purchasing and selling arts
・Consultation for authentication and appraisal of arts

Corporate history

1939 In 1939, Tatsuhisa Mori (real name: Saburo Morihisa), the first representative, started art dealership at 3-10 Yoshino-machi, Gifu-shi.
1945 Established Seiko-kai (Gifu dignitary's avocation exhibition, the sponsoring member to Shinsui Ito, Eizo Kato, Toichi Kato, Keika Kanashima, Heihachiro Fukuda)
1953 September? Joined Kyoto Art Dealer Cooperative
Joined Nagoya Art Dealer Cooperative
1954 March Joined Tokyo Art Dealer Cooperative
1961 March Organized an exhibition of latest works, "Seiranten" in Shin-Gifu Department Store
1961 December Established Yoshino art gallery at the present location. Organized "1st Choryu Exhibition" as a commemoration
1964 April Organized "Carp Exhibition" on the 25th anniversary of the business
1966 Became an acting committee of Goto exhibition of Goto art joint association
1971 April Converted from the sole proprietorship to Yoshino Art Gallery Ltd. (capital: 10 million JPY)
Tatsuhisa Mori appointed as representative director
1979 Organized "New art works from East and West" on the 40th anniversary of the business
1980 Became an appraiser of Tokyo Art Club
1982 February Published "Shizen", Tatsuhisa Mori's ink-wash paintings (title: Togyu Okumura). Organized the "Exhibition of ink-wash paintings of Tatsuhisa Mori" in Gifu Takashimaya as a commemoration of the publication.
1985 February Published "Uta", Tatsuhisa Mori's ink-wash paintings (title: Tatsuo Takayama) and organized a commemoration exhibition in Gifu Takashimaya at the same time.
1987 September Organized the "Commemoration exhibition on the 50th anniversary of the business"
1988 February Published "Yoh", Tatsuhisa Mori's ink-wash paintings (title: Genso Okuta) and organized a commemoration exhibition in Gifu Takashimaya at the same time.
1996 December Katsuyuki Mori appointed as the second representative director
2004 November Yumiko Mori appointed as the third representative director

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